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Reunion Events and Registration Form

1967 Class Members Information Spreadsheet

SEPTEMBER 8th & 9th, 2017 
Announcing our next important reunion planning meeting!




Our next very important reunion planning meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm on May 5th at the Board of Education conference room in Enid. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. Agenda items include specific plans for Friday evening at the airport and Saturday at the high school. We are still looking for committee chairpersons to take responsibility for things like food, beverages, ice, decorations ( if wanted), photography, etc.


We currently have 57 registrations. We need over a hundred to “break even”. We believe the more people we have sign up, the more others will be encouraged to do the same. We are posting completed registrations on Face Book and here on our website. So if it is not an inconvenience, we will appreciate your mailing your payment and registration form or just bring them to the meeting on May 5th.


Steve Gabelsberg 
EHS classes 1965 TO 1969, you are welcome to attend our 1967 reunion also. All you need to do is download and mail the registration form on this website and come!  Also, if you attended with our EHS 1967 class, but did not graduate with us due to moving or Vietnam we would love to have you attend.  If you are friends of any of the above students please invite them.
We would love to have you!!! 
Ron Garrison


Our 4th Reunion Planning Meeting!

CLASS of 1967 50th REUNION


The 4th planning session for the 1967 50th Class Reunion Planning Committee meeting was held on March 24th 2017 at 6:00 pm at 500 South Independence (corner of Owen K. Garriott and Independence, the old Education Building) in the Enid Public Schools Board Room with 21 attending.  



 Meeting Topics:


Past Email Sent Out: Ron Garrison sent out an email notification of our 50th reunion and attached our information post card that later mailed on Jan. 21st.  Steve Gabelsberg reported we had about 50 post cards returned. As a result, we have deleted all old incorrect email addresses from our members list and are requesting that you email Kathy Newman Goddard at kmgoddard@nwosu.edu your or other class members' current email address.  

Sept. 8th & 9th 50th Reunion Events:
 Our 50th reunion schedule of events draft can be found on our Navigation Bar "Events/Registration". 

Web registration form: The form is now available on our website.  Our top navigation button "Events/Registration" will take you to the correct web page where you will find the registration form link. The registration form is to be printed, filled out and sent to Steve Gabelsberg along with your check as soon as posible. 

Who is Attending:  
Our top navigation button labeled "Names Attending" will take you to our web page that lists 1967 members, spouses, significant others and friends that have already paid and are planning on attending.  


Updating 1967 Graduates Information:  As mentioned earlier, we need your help in locating classmates. Please click the "Class Members" button at the top of this web page, which will take you to our current classmate contact list. You will find a link with the most recent information we have for each 1967 EHS graduate. First, please verify your own contact information and check to see if you know of changes that need to be made for others and last, email Kathy Newman Goddard at kmgoddard@nwosu.edu your updates.


Reunion Dates:  The reunion will be held on September 8th & 9th, 2017. On Friday night, September 8th we will be meeting at Woodring Airport. Also, reservations are already made for Saturday night, September 9th, at the Enid Convention Center (formerly Convention Hall). The cost of this year's reunion will be $75.00 per person, the same as the cost of the 45th reunion. 


            1. Ron Garrison 

            2. Joan Combs Kelly

            3. Terry Kelly 

            4.  Kent Beaty

            5.  Leeann Ladusau Teasley

            6. Toni Krivohlavek Huffman

            7.  Kim Price 

            8.  Kathy Newman Goddard         

            9. Tom Smith

           10. Jim and Dixie Stengle

           11. Cheryl Pierce Pearson

           12. Cheri Ballenger Beets 

           13. Karen Vance Foster

           14. Pat Frazier Stevenson

           15. Scott Van Krevelen

           16. Lindy Hutchins Chambers

           17. Robin Frantz Riley

           18. Steve Harbour 

          19. Steve Gabelsberg

           20. Dennis Wilson


Next Meeting:  Our next meeting will be held May 5th, 2017 at 6:00 pm 500 South Independence (corner of Owen K. Garriott and Independence, the old Education Building) in the Enid Public Schools Board Room. Everyone is welcome and your help is needed! Please RSVP Ron Garrison 580-541-3007 if you can attend.  


Reunion Committee Message

 We need:


  • for you to check our excel members list for accuracy.  If you have any changes, please email Ron Garrison or Kathy Newman Goddard with your changes.

  • for you to send us contact information on EHS students that graduated a little before or after us and anyone that attended classes with us that left high school before they were able to graduate. Please contact them to see if they would like to be invited before sending the contact to us.

  • for you to print off the 50th reunion form, fill it out and mail it with your check to Steve Gabelsberg. We will be adding a website page of paid attending 1967 members so others thinking about attending will be able to see which friends they will be able see.  Ron Garrison said we have already received a few paid forms.


Past 50th Reunion Planning Meetings


Ronnie Kaye will be our 50th Reunion Disc Jockey!!!!



Click on the link above to learn more about this wonderful endeavor.

This picture was taken Memorial Day Week, 2010.



We need help finding addresses!


Click on this picture and find the link for EHS Class of 1967.


Please let Ron Garrison, Steve Gabelsberg or Kathy Newman Goddard know if you would like to be part of the planning committee or if you have update information for any of our classmates.

For more information contact:

Ron Garrison



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Steve Gabelsberg



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Kathy Newman Goddard



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